Usagi #20 Retailer Exclusive 1 in 10 Variant

Usagi #20 Retailer Exclusive 1 in 10 Variant


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Dogū is thrilled to present a beautiful variant for the first appearance of the new Rabbit Samurai, Yukichi Yojimbo!  This is a first print run retailer incentive, 1 in 10 variant — regular issue is SOLD OUT and going to second print.  Cover by Jesus Hervas.

We have unsigned, signed, head sketch (of Usagi), and half-torso sketches of Usagi AND Yukichi available in limited quantities.


With the Netflix show coming up, key issues like this will be highly sought, don’t miss out!

  • 1 in 10 retailer incentive
  • Features the first appearance of Yukichi Yojimbo.
  • This is one of two places where you can purchase official signed items from Stan Sakai outside of conventions.  The other is Stan’s website, which you can visit here.
  • Low print run!


*Available only within the US.

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Unsigned, Signed, Head Sketch, Dual Half Torso Sketch