Oversized (18×24) 7-Color Silkscreen Print

Albedo #2:  35th Anniversary Recreation Cover


Oversized (18×24) B/W Silkscreen Print

A custom spot color will be added by Stan Sakai for these prints

Albedo #2:  35th Anniversary Recreation Cover

Albedo #2
Initially designed to be silk screened

Here is a little known fact about the first Albedo #2 cover: It was initially designed to be silk screened! Don’t believe us? (See LEFT)

The idea was interesting, but something that wasn’t practical at the time. However, we decided to try silk screening again, but this time, for an oversized print (18  x 24). Thus, we’re pleased to announce that we’re going back to the beginning, as Usagi Yojimbo is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year!  Many thanks to Stan Sakai for allowing us to create this limited edition print in honor and celebration of Usagi’s continued legacy. (See ABOVE)

1 Per Customer

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